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project support or action support

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  • project support or action support

    In various contexts (videos on connect; podcasts) I heard sometimes the advice to create a folder for
    - action support
    sometimes for
    - project support

    Does that mean the same?

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    Sometimes they are the same (meaning project support would go into an Action Support folder if it doesn't warrant its own folder.) Otherwise, they are two different things.


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      Originally posted by kelstarrising View Post
      Otherwise, they are two different things.
      Could you please give a brief defintion of the two ?


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        I'm not sure if I'm doing things according to dogma or not, but it works for me.

        I use my action support folder for any support materials I need for actual actions. Let's say to mail a letter, I would keep the letter in this folder until I am near a mailbox. Or maybe I needed a coupon for a shopping trip I need to make but I'm not sure when I'll make it. This is a folder I almost always have with me since the support materials in here are more likely to be handled in a fluid manner. The chance to address these actions rarely happens as a planned action, usually just right place/right time so I want the right things with me.

        For project support, I use this to keep track of everything involved in the project itself. Project plans if I have them, support for future actions that may come up later if it's a linear type project. Usually if any of these support materials are needed, I'm in a specific work mode so I don't carry this with me everywhere.

        I should also add that quite often, things get moved from my project support folder to the action support folder if it directly relates to an action I'm taking. Then when the action has been completed it moves back to the project support.


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          Hi Tom

          Action Support holds support for Next Actions
          Project Support holds support for Projects



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            key concept that can help your thinkig and behavior

            Not to belabor the point, but for me, physically dividing stuff helps me to conceptualize the project and shows me what steps I can do in small time units or other specifically allocated resources. This is really helpful for overcoming procrastination because you are preparing to do the next action and you are relieved from doing it at the moment but there is a little tension or an incomplete gestalt over not doing. Also,if I can separate an action step from the rest of the project materials, then I can execute the step in the suitable context but by keeping the project support folder in my active project drawer a place is held in my mental life for returning the completed action back to the project. Let's say you are processing stuff from your in box and you collect several items to photocopy that refer to different projects. There is a copier in the next room, you know it is usually free at 4:00pm ,so you have completed the action of deciding when you will do the copying, and your next action is actually copying. So these papers in the folder are action support; but if you are buying a photocopier, your folder that contains clippings, reviews, and desired specs, that would be project support. When you have made your choice, opened the box, and set it up and it works, you would toss out what you do not need and just the manual and other owner info, would remain. That folder would then be action support for learning to use the thing. Once you learn it, you decide to laminate one sheet of the instructions and attach them to the copier. You might need a folder for a copy of the page until you can laminate it. That way you would not take the manual away while you are waiting for a chance to do the lamination.
            Let's say you need to conduct an interview to gather information from someone for a project. When you do the interview you might just take only the question list and whatever you want to give the informant and whatever you need to get there and back (permission form, parking and driving directions). I would call that action support. However, you have a bigger folder or folders that contain project support for the whole project. If the project is small enough, it might be one folder and an specific action might be marked with a sticky note or these very cool clips called KeyNotes that are available from Staples (they are a paperclip with a tab you can write on).