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    While processing my emails to zero, I often have mutliple emails containing articles or links to web site articles related to my profession.

    Since there's no way of knowing whether the email will take less than 2 min. to do (read) I can either stop processing and read, taking my chances on the time, which slows down my processing to zero or I can move the email over to a READ folder for later. The challenge is that later never seems to occur. Right now I have a backlog of reading for books and monthly periodicals which I've not read.

    How can I stay current in my profession and apply some GTD principles to Reading?

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    When you think is the best time for reading?
    How about scheduling time?
    When do you usually do your other NAs?
    Why not to do reading along with them?


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      I find a combination of and Instapaper works really well. I just click the 'read later' bookmarklet, and the whole story is synchronised to my iPhone, iPad and Instapaper online account.

      See: is good for when I want to keep articles / websites stored somewhere and tagged, but without worrying about which machine I'll be at.



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        Originally posted by debbieg View Post
        How can I stay current in my profession and apply some GTD principles to Reading?
        I've got a physical limit of stuff that will fit and I know I need to catch up when the stuff expands beyond those limits. For internet stuff I add the links directly as an action in a reading project, yes it's almost never done and is probably more accurately an AOF but it works for me to call it a project anyway.

        I also set aside some time each week to just do reading.


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          Spend two minutes scanning it. Look at the heading, skim read the first paragraph, and the last (intro and conclusions). That should give you some idea of whether it is a must read (action list) or a someday/maybe read (goes into my read/review list).