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Newbee processing question

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  • Newbee processing question

    I have collected a note: 'decide what to do with product x development'. Ehat should i do next?

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    Decide what you r next action is

    You need to decide what your next action is:
    if you have all the information necessary to make the decision, you need to decide.
    If you feel you can't decide yet, something is missing and your next action is to collect the missing part: look up market data, call john about technical question, set up meeting with marketing team, ....
    And if you are not sure about what is missing, then you need to do a brainstorm or minddump on this thing: what do you want to achieve, what is you r successful outcome, what are possible obstacles, ....


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      My handling would be to start a project for the product development. Then my first NA would be...

      - (Product) SELF: Brainstorm ideas for product development

      If I need to brainstorm ideas, I've found it works for me to use myself as an agenda item just like your boss, coworker, etc. My @Agenda context is not specific to location, and I can take out my PDA at any time to brainstorm ideas into the project to get things going.


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        "Clarify" is one of the GTD project verbs. Sounds like you have a project "Clarify successful outcome re: product x development".


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          I would create a next action - plan product development. By 'plan' I mean run through the natural planning model. I've started doing this for any task that sounds very vague and indecisive. It doesn't have to be time consuming, I've done some for small tasks that have only taken 5 minutes, although something like you've suggested will probably take longer.