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  • car capturing tool

    If want to capture thoughts while I'm freewheeling in my car.

    The more I think about it, the more I think a simple single-purpose digital recorder is fine -- all it does is record voice, and that is all.

    It should have an on/off switch that I can work without looking.

    Am I overlooking any low-hanging vegetables in going this route?


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    Automated tools for converting to other formats

    Depending where you live, there are services on offer that you can call, leave a message and get emailed it back in text format. That has the effect of not having a voice-recorder inbox and instead an extra set of info coming into your email inbox.

    I cant recall the names of any of the providers (they dont offer their services where I live) but Im sure others will provide names.


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      other low hanging fruit

      if you can make a hands free call, then you could call your own number and leave a voice message to yourself. Depending on how many messages you get anyway and how many ideas you want/need to capture while driving, this might work...



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        I attached a lanyard to a voice recorder and I wear it around my neck while driving. The recorder has a distinct record button that I can find without taking my eyes off the road. There aren't many USB MP3 Player/Flash Drive/Voice Recorder combos that have this feature so you might want to get a true voice recorder. Sony makes some nice ones that are easy to use.


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          It sounds strange to describe, but I have successfully used a small clipboard in my car. I leave it on the console between the seats with a pen attached. With a little practice, you can get it out, draw a line, and scribble the note without looking. Tear off sheets make it easier.

          Of course, these sheets go into the inbox like anything else.


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            My cel phone has button on the side that immediately opens up a memo recording app. I hit ok then record, "Buy new bucket for garage", hit ok to save, and I'm done. All memos are saved in "My sounds" which I process later. I tried the notepad thing, too, but the phone is definitely easier when driving.