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SEMATICS Question re: InBox, Tickler, Today's Stuff

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  • SEMATICS Question re: InBox, Tickler, Today's Stuff

    You know I've listened to David speak many times on his tapes & CD's. There is one missing link [okay many more than one but let's just focus on this one] that I have come up against...

    This has to do with my desk setup.

    I take stuff out of InBox & Process & Organize.
    Some stuff goes to Tickler File.
    Tomorrow some stuff from Tickler File has got to get done. It's there on my calendar as an Event or Appointment. Or maybe it's a Next Action that could be done.
    Quandry - if it doesn't go back to In...where does it go?

    What I am trying to instill is to place it in a folder that represents today flat in my desk. It's next to me & it doesn't really create anxiety except for the push to get through that stuff that I committed myself today or someone else in authority delegated me to do today.

    What are your practices?

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    Mine goes into an "Action Support" folder

    The same folder I use as part of my "Six Travelling Folders."


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      Once I have a suitable NA for the action, I put the supporting material in a file called "Pending", which is where I put all the project support material that doesn't get a folder of its own.