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How often do you check your @Waiting?

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  • How often do you check your @Waiting?

    Sometimes the action stops at @Waiting. And sometimes you need the result of it before the next weekly review. So how often and when you check your @waitng?

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    It depends on what the @WaitingFor item is. If it's a task I've delegated to someone or I'm relying on someone to get me information for a next action, then I put that on my calendar as an all day event to trigger me to go back to that person sometime that day as a follow-up. If it's a broader, or less time sensitive item, then it's on my tasks lists with an @WaitingFor context. I'll typically check my contexts list 2-3 times a week.


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      good reply!
      I check my @waitingfor maybe 1 or 2 times besides the weekly review.
      if you fear something might fall thru the cracks if you dont see it soon enough, set a due date for that waitingfor. I do this because the application I use brings it to my attention on that day, even if its not a NA.


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        I generally only check mine during the weekly review. If I know I need something done before my next review I add an extra reminder to follow up or light a fire on my calendar or tickler file.


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          Originally posted by tima View Post
          So how often and when you check your @waitng?
          The recommended best practice for this is weekly, during your Weekly Review, or as often as you need to. I scan mine about every two days or so.