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David's productivity principles

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  • David's productivity principles


    Any chance you could post all of your productivity principles on this site ?

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    David said at a recent seminar that he plans on making the principles into a book at some point in the future (no timeline; the next book is going to be based on his "Leveraging Focus and Vision" seminar) - so he doesn't want to post archives of the principles / newsletters online, or else there'd be no (or at least less) reason to buy the book. I know this is disappointing to those of us who came to the newsletters relatively late, but, given the amount of great information that he does post for free, I figure I can't begrudge him holding on to some of the good stuff!


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      david allen's productivity principles

      sounds like the book is on his someday/maybe list.


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        David's book "in motion"

        Hi all,

        We're in the midst of many great things happening here at The David Allen Company.

        We've got the Outlook Add-In up and available (thanks especially to NetCentrics for producing that vision!).

        David's getting ready for another book tour early next year for Getting Things Done.

        We are anxiously awaiting the Focus and Vision book proposal to make it to the publishing house...

        and, we're creating the listing for next year's Public Seminar schedule! We really appreciate your continued support, and look forward to hearing more and more from you all.

        Even though the past principles are not available... new ones from the David Allen Company coaches are appearing regularly at:



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          what happened to book proposal please


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            It's "Ready for Anything."


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              Linky to Book


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                Re: David's book "in motion"

                Originally posted by Jason Womack
                Hi all,

                We are anxiously awaiting the Focus and Vision book proposal to make it to the publishing house...
                Ready for anything isn'T ABOUT focus and vision!!!!!!!!!


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                  Yup, a book proposal making the rounds on November 14, 2004 is not the already-published book "Ready for Anything," and it was a poster (not Mr. Womack) who confused the two. Hopefully Mr. Womack can nip in here at some point an give us a little more advance info on what the new (third?) book will feature.

                  I am sorry to have missed the seminars and would really appreciate it if Mr. Allen would consider the possibility of doing an encore on the East Coast in the spring....


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                    Aah, that must have been me getting confused, so sorry all.

                    Jason, please do give us a teaser!



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                      just move this to the top of the pile will you ....