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Weekly review: best practice

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  • Weekly review: best practice

    I'm about to make my second weekly review. My first review was easy. I was taking one project at a time, defined a next action and put it on the list. The second review is difficult because a week passed and there's a mix of new actions without projects. My intention is to move ALL next actions and projects to Someday-Maybe list. Then to startfrom the scrach putting a project on tge list and assigning a next action for it. Or updating next actions. It makes me feel in control.

    It's not how davidco recommends to do the review?

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    I've never seen this recommended, but if it works for you, go for it! I can imagine it might get a bit cumbersome if you have a lot of projects, but you can always tweak it at that stage.

    Another option is to give each project an abbreviation (or a number or a keyword) and then use that abbreviation in the name of the NA. That makes it easy to see at the WR whether each project has a NA and which NAs haven't been assigned to projects (especially if you keep your lists electronically and can use alpha-sort or search to group everything that has the same abbreviation together).


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      Really, what you're trying to accomplish with the GTD Weekly Review, is to get to be as:


      as you can. You'll find the recommended steps in the book and in many resources on GTD Connect. If what you describe is getting you to that place, in a way you feel gets you clear, current and creative, then sure.