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Reminders at home at different times depending on commute time

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  • Reminders at home at different times depending on commute time

    I want to be reminded on Mondays and Thursdays that I need to do my Spanish and English classes (30 minutes each) after I'm back from office, had dinner and light walk. It seems to me the calendar is not the right place as it could happen at 7pm or 9pm depending on commute time. What would you do?

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    it may depend on your "platform" paper, electronic??

    If using an electronic calendar set alarm for the earliest possible time and when it rings then re-set for later time if your arrival home is later or set alarms for both.

    If you are using paper, either make a master weekly schedule with both time options and the word "OR" or just write that in on the study days though the semester.

    If none of the above, set two alarm clocks at home one for each time.

    I find that I have to do a lot of toggling around with scheduled events because of anticipated possibilities -- I often have notes with an alarm set like "defrost chicken if everyone will be home for dinner, if not, not make soup in crock pot". Similarly, I might have wash and vac carif weather is nice, if not see basement list.


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      It depends on your habit of checking the calendar. You might also consider making it a non time dependent event. The key is that you commit to reviewing the calendar on a daily basis and when you need to see it.

      The idea of snoozing a 7 p.m. calendar item as mentioned above is a very good suggestion.


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        When I need these kinds of ad hoc reminders, I always try to think of where I'll most likely be when I need reminding. That will then determine the tool or format I use for the reminder. If it's a general, any time tonight, type of reminder, I can set it on my calendar (iCal), and I know I'll be in front of my computer at some point during the night.

        Other times, I need a non-electronic physical reminder. For example, we had a series of casual dress Fridays back in October that I knew I wouldn't normally remember (such a creature of habit!) I knew the moment I would need to be reminded was while getting dressed in the morning, so I wrote "Casual Dress" on a sheet of paper and taped it to the shelf in my closet so it hung down in front of my clothes. Worked perfectly.

        I guess it's all about the context.



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          The calendar doesn't have to be minute accurate - id just block out 7 til 10 with an entry saying "language lessons" or some such. If I don't start until 8pm rather than 7pm, so what. if i finish earlier than 10, great. either way it doesn't matter. The calendar is just there to remind you, not to instruct you.