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    Hey all,

    Our charity has expanded rapidly so we have a lot more staff suddenly. I've since found something I've not had to deal with before, which is someday-maybes for staff members. These are things that either we've agreed they should do but not now, or in some cases things I would like them to do but haven't told them about it yet. Indeed some of them are very long term and might not be for that individual, but instead for their successor.

    Bear in mind many of these staff are either interns or its their first job in an office, so there's a lot of support needed and passing the project to them and just letting them organise it probably isn't going to work, since I'm ultimately responsible for the work.

    I'm slightly loathed to just make a whole new set of lists per person as my system is getting a bit bloated as it is and im trying to find ways to streamline it a bit.

    How would you all go about it?

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    Could you do a S/M list for each role?


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      I often group my Someday Maybe items by subtopic, like "Home improvement", "GTD Connect", "Places to Go" etc.

      The same could work for people.