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Tungsten T: Alpha Tasks?

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  • Tungsten T: Alpha Tasks?

    I have an issue that prevents me from fully utilizing my Tungsten T while on the go and I think the answer is probably obvious but I am missing it. The following may sound very trite, but it is this type of detail that really makes a difference for me in fully using the PDA while implementing GTD.

    Does anyone know how to get a alphabetical view of tasks within Categories while using TO DO?

    I have categories set up within outlook on my PC. It is great with all projects & next actions listed alphabetically within each category eg.

    AOS Integration Team charters are complete
    Critical Talent Development Programs are scheduled
    Delegated projects list is up to date
    OPS Committee Development Day in June is a huge success

    The problem comes in on the synced Tungsten T. When viewing the tasks within TO DO Categories, I loose the alpha listing capability which for me is key. The only thing I can figure is to indicate priority (1,2,3) and it does list in priority order but I am not interested in that game. The pure alpha works great for me and provides easy reference and quick context.

    You'll note that I use the "written as if it is true" format for my projects and the lose of alpha capability is a headache! It really prevents me from reaching for the PDA.

    Does anyone know an easy fix or if the capability exists? It seems like it should be a slam dunk!

    Thanks for any help.

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    Alpha Tasks

    I don't have a TT, but a T3. As far as I know, you'll need some third party software because of the way tasks are organized on the Palm by the rudimentary To-Do application.


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      The only thing I've found that does this is datebk5, which has a bit of a learning curve to start off with...


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        Use Memo instead

        This issue was already discussed on this forum and the posiible workaround is to use Memos for Projects/Next Actions. You will not be able to specify the Project's required completion date but you will be able to alpha sort everything.


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          Check out Can Do

          There is a tasks replacement called Can Do that sorts tasks alphabetically. Take a look at


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            Thank you for your referall to CAN DO! It really looks like and excellent solution.

            I appreciate your help.



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              Another application that will sort ToDo by description is KsToDo. The current version is 1.5.2 and it is freeware!


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                Sorry for the additional post. The same author has a replacement program for the datebook that contains additional functionality. Here is a link to both programs.



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                  Didn't know that KsTodo was available in english

                  Thanks for the info re: ksTodo!

                  Looked at it a while back, but then it was in japanese so I didn't understand it.