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    I have a question about using Errands list. If I need to buy a tooth paste and it is not a part of any project, should it go to Shopping List or Errands list?

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    Personally, I would have the shopping list under my context of Errands.

    I usually list my errands in one of two ways...

    1. By location if I have multiple items to do/get at specific locations - "Grocery Store", "Home Depot" - then you can have your shopping list under that NA.

    2. By task or product if it's something specific, but not a specific location - "Buy birthday card for...". There are cards in many locations, so it's more about the item than where to get it.

    Hope this helps.


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      Originally posted by Ekaterina View Post
      If I need to buy a tooth paste and it is not a part of any project, should it go to Shopping List or Errands list?
      Depends on how you structure your shopping. I'm using a special shopping app so I'd add it to my app that says I need toothpaste, and which kind, because in our family we use 2 types. That particular item can be bought at several stores so I'd not bother about adding an action to go shopping at X store but if I needed something that is at a store we rarely go to I'd add a separate action item to Go to store X - see shopping list. Then when we are next in that store I'd pull up that store in my shopping app and figure out whether I can get toothpaste at that store. Since we don't go shopping very often this works best for us.


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        I am with them on this one. it will be great if your todo list can link to your shopping list.


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          Having only just discovered GTD, I am integrating it with stuff I used to do, and one of those things was maintan an ongoing shopping list.

          I use Appigo Todo on my iphone, ipad and online on my desktop. I have an undated/untimed todo titled shopping with the contect @errands. This is a checlist (which you can have in Todo). I just add things to this list when I think of them, or more robustly when I'm going round the kitchen thinking about what I need. Then when I'm in a shop, I just tick things off my list. What I'm left with, I still need to get.

          Works quite well for me.