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Interacting with Group / Company Systems

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  • Interacting with Group / Company Systems

    I have been implementing GTD using for my own purposes and is has been working well. One big problem I have right now is that my company has some group workflow systems that help prioritize what we do at work (eg. a bugs/features tracking system). It is a big pain to copy things from the group productivity system to my personal system, and it also means that there is dual tracking of the action items, which ensures that they will be out of sync.

    Does anyone have experience having these two types of systems interact?

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    Yes, that's very common. Our IT group has the same type of situation. The bug tracker software tracks very specific items and their personal systems track everything else. Or, just duplicate it. I almost always err on the side of my system taking the load of tracking what I am committed to complete, even if it's tracked somewhere else as well.

    It's actually very similar to a CRM (Customer Relationship) system. Same idea--just different software. Check out this article on GTD Times for idea on how one of our coaches recommends managing that.

    Hope this helps,