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    Maybe it is not interesting for everyone how my day runs. I decided to make a short post anyway. I get up at 7.30, have breakfast and jump in my car. It takes me 1-2 hours to get to the city. When I drive I listen to podcasts and check my @Waiting folder. I use electronic setup so I move the tasks to follow up into @Call-chat or @Call-meeting lists. When I arrive I usually go to my office or customer place to meet. Usually my day is filled with scheduled meetings. Though sometimes there are unplanned (a customer passed by my office, a subordinate jumped into my office to ask smth). I try to process my inboxes (paper, voice recorder, email) after lunch. I spend around one hour. I can say usually I need more time so I have to lower my quality standards. I don't have time dedicated to do my @Computer actions. And this list is tge longest. I think to dedicate 30 minutes foe that or even dedicate half a day a week. What would be your advice? At 17.00 I leave tge city. On the way I make calls and assign meetings for the next day or two. I usually get home at 19.00. Join my family for dinner (30 min). Then I have time for Spanish and sports at home. 1 hour in total, daily. Exception is when I have meetings with customers at dinner. At 20.30 I play with my daughter and then we go to bed:

    07.30 - 08.00 Wakeup, breakfast and dressing up
    08.00 - 10.00 Commute by car: podcasts, checking and moving actions from @Waiting to action lists
    10.00 - 13.00 Meetings, calls in-between
    13.00 - 15.00 Lunch with a customer
    15.00 - 17.00 Going to the office and processing
    17.00 - 19.00 Commute: making calls to assign meetings for tomorrow and chat-calls
    19.00 - 19.30 Dinner
    19.30 - 20.00 Brain activity: learning Spanish or smth else
    20.00 - 20.30 Sports
    20.30 - 21.30 Family time: playing with children their games

    This is my day. What is yours?
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    You can find my day here:

    You can find my day here:


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      Hmmm; this could be an interesting exercise.

      0730-0800: Wake up
      0800-0825: Get dressed, play with cat, etc.
      0825-0900: Commute into work; combination of driving and train.
      0900-0930: 'Daily Planning' meeting I have with myself. Usually collecting and processing.
      0930-1000: Team meeting with the rest of the team.
      1000-1200: Work; maybe 50% ad hoc and 50% planned.
      1200-1300: Lunch; often go to the zoo.
      1300-1700: More work; about 25% ad hoc and 75% planned.
      1700-1730: 'Retrospective' meeting I have with myself. More collecting and processing.
      1730-1800: Commute back home.
      1800-2300: Home stuff. 90% ad hoc, 10% planned.
      2300-0730: Sleepy time.

      Scheduled work meetings per week are about 5 hours (out of about 35 hours total.) Scheduled activities of all sorts after work hours average to one or two nights per week, with a scheduled weekend activity about once every two weeks.

      Neat. This is a worthwhile process to quickly run through.



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        This is an interesting thread.

        My day
        05:00 - meditation in bed
        6:00 - dress, check calendar, setup equipment
        6:30 - exercise, shower
        7:00 - dress, breakfast, pack
        7:30 - leave, drop son off at before school care
        8:45 - arrive at work, collect and process
        9:30 - meeting preparation or work from lists
        12:00 - lunch
        12:30 - collect, process
        1:30- work from lists
        4:30 - leave work
        6:00 - get home, cook dinner
        6:30 - eat dinner, dishes
        7:00 - gardening, music, time with my son
        8:00 - home GTD, pack bags
        9:00 - washing & folding, prep clothes
        9:30 - spiritual study
        10:00 - bedtime


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          Winter Farm Day

          My days vary by season. Right now they are typically this:

          Dawn approx 7:00 am - Wake up, get coffee & breakfast, check the weather online and out the window, read news, check forums, twitter, check for wool and meat orders via e-mail and phone

          starting sometime between 8:30-9:00 depending on temperature head out to do morning chores. My set is to feed the donkey and stallion, fill sheep hay feeders as required, feed and water chickens & pick up eggs, put any mail out in box for postman, get any wool or meat orders from the farm store building. Check all the sheep, change coats if required. Hubby has his own set that includes taking care of the other horses, the dogs and also helping with hay plus any snow plowing. Depending on how much hay we have to put out do chores can take from half an hour to hour and a half.

          Come inside and warm up. Process paper inbox if there is anything in it or start to process e-mail inbox. Spend about half an hour doing this. Depending on chores it's now 10:00 or so.

          From then until 12:00 work on projects. They can be things like package and get ready to ship wool orders, call and arrange deliver for meat orders, get truck in for service, do tax paperwork, do sheep registrations, reading grazing magazines, knitting, weaving, sorting and scanning ditch paperwork, fun reading, scrapbooks, house cleaning, trim sheep toes, add shavings to chicken sections in barn, skirt fleeces, collect budwood, read forums on-line etc.

          12-12:30 lunch SOmetimes I start dinner if it's a slow cooked thing.

          12:30-1:00 do more inbox processing, usually e-mail

          1-3:00 if the morning was mostly farm/work projects I try to do some personal ones in the afternoon or vice versa. Often I will try to finish the next action that got started in the morning if it's a multi hour action

          3-5 evening chores fill water tanks, more hay, pick up eggs and mail check all animals

          5-6 cook dinner

          6-7 dinner

          7-10 TV, movies, reading, e-mail or responding on forums like now. If I am watching TV or movies I am also spinning and occasionally knitting. Also do house cleaning, look at calendar for next day, update my projects and lists and often do more inside next actions on personal projects

          10-10:30 or so get ready for bed

          Generally we go to bed when we are tired, that can vary from 9:00 to 11:30 PM and we generally get up when we wake up or the cat decides she wants the bed and wakes us up, for me that can vary from 5:30 to 7:30 AM. We don't set any alarms unless we have a scheduled calendar item for the next morning and I don't really have a set bedtime as I just go when I am tired.

          By Summer we'll be up and out doing chores before breakfast and not back in for the evening until 7 or 8 at night, our schedule is very seasonal and is almost always based on available light and weather.


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            Current (Winter) Work Day

            04:00 Rise and Shine, let the dogs out
            04:00-04:30 Toiletry & Dress while dogs are out
            04:30-05:00 Commute and pick-up co-worker to gym
            05:00-06:20 Work-out
            06:20-06:30 Drive to work
            06:30-07:15 Take care of in-house patients and boarders (I work at a veterinary clinic)
            07:15-07:30 or 08:00 (depends on appointments) Breakfast and review today's schedule
            07:30 or 08:00 - 13:00 Morning appointments; calls between appointments.
            13:00-14:00 Lunch and review lists to see if any needs/can be done
            14:00-18:00 Afternoon appointments; calls between appointments
            18:00-19:00 Snack while finishing evening treatments and tidy up loose ends; phone calls, treatment plans
            19:00-19:45 Commute home
            19:45-20:30 Prepare and eat small dinner
            20:30-21:30 Check phone and emails for any late messages / problems from clients; take care of them as needed
            21:30-22:00 Varies depend if I'm home or visiting parents; time with my niece or just surfing web.
            22:00-22:15 Chill out and get ready for bed.
            Usually asleep by 22:00-22:30

            My off days usually start and end at the same time as above; I don't have appointments then so spend most of those time with my lists.
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              I would also suggest to put here weekend schedule if any. Here's mine:

              till 13.00 Morning branch: family time watching our fav TV shows
              13.00 - 17.00 Sports: skiing, biking
              17.00 - 18.00 Weekly Review / children have free time
              18.00 - 19.00 Doing home stuff from @Home list
              19.00 - 20.00 Dinner
              20.00 - 22.00 Free time: can be used for learning or playing


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                Originally posted by Chesnokov View Post
                I would also suggest to put here weekend schedule if any.
                I'm a farmer, we work 365 days a year, there is no weekend vs weekday it's all the same if the season and weather is the same.

                Often my husband and I are not even exactly sure what day it is, we can lose track often.


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                  My Day - Offshore (Normal)

                  I work offshore on an oil production platform in the North Sea. I work 14 days offshore and I have 21 days leave.

                  My day as Maintenance Supervisor onboard is as follows.

                  0510-0515: Wake up
                  0515-0530: Shower and dress.
                  0530-0540: Breakfast in the Galley.
                  0540-0600: Prep for day / Review. Check email etc.
                  0600-0610: Morning Meeting with the OIM and Production Supervisor.
                  0610-0715: Issue Work Permits as Maintenance Area Authority.
                  0715-0745: Morning Meeting with Lead Technicians - Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation.
                  0745-0900: Work; maybe 50% ad hoc and 50% planned.
                  0900-0915: Coffee Break.
                  0915-1200: Work; maybe 50% ad hoc and 50% planned.
                  1200-1215: Lunch.
                  1300-1330: Work; maybe 50% ad hoc and 50% planned.
                  1330-1430: Site visit and meetings with Tech's in the Field. Permit Audit. Set Tours etc.
                  1430-1530: Check and verify Permits.
                  1530-1545: Coffee Break.
                  1545-1630: Verify Permits and meeting with Lead Tech's for days progress update.
                  1630-1730: Evening Permit Meeting.
                  1730-1830: Work; maybe 50% ad hoc and 50% planned.
                  1830-1900: Evening Meal.
                  1900-2130: Work 100% Planned.
                  2130-2145: Shower.
                  2145-2230 -Relax , read a book , watch a movie, listen to music or podcast etc.
                  2230-0510: Sleep.

                  This would be an average week day. On other days I attend further meetings; 5 Week Planning Meeting , 90 Day Planning Meeting , Shutdown Meetings , Safety Meetings , Town Hall Meetings.

                  In the job you have to deal with constant interruption / people coming into the office. Also I deal with a high volume of calls / email and tannoy's.

                  My day at home is very different!