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how to manage the daily information feed in GTD

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  • how to manage the daily information feed in GTD

    Reading questions on a forum of interest for programming related stuff could be an Area of Responsibility as a Programmer.

    However, this has to be done perhaps daily or when you feel it has sense to get a new feed of informations in this domain.
    It is not something you must review monthly(which is the normal review period for Areas of Responsibility - well, you can't review all your AoRs daily...) but which must trigger very often to read the programming related forums.

    So, my question is how do you manage such stuff in your GTD system? Do you put a recurring daily reminder? but I guess not, it would be way too much overhead I guess.

    I was thinking to have a daily Areas of Responsibility which you can review daily. Could this work? although I've never encountered something like this in GTD by David Allen methodology.

    Thank you!

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    Not sure how to answer this question so I just describe my situation. Currently I'm playing two roles: product manager and developer. As a product manager I have to be aware of a business domain of my product. As a developer I have to be familiar with certain technologies.
    So I usually subscribe to RSS feeds related to these two areas so information is automatically delivered to my Inbox. But this information is just stuff, that needs to be processed. So I process it when I'm processing my Inbox (1-2 times per day). While processing I might add big interesting articles to my Read/Review list, or create a project to try out a competitor's product which was recommended in a blog, etc.

    Also I try to manage number of subscriptions by removing not interesting ones so I can actually process all incoming information. There is no point having 100 subscriptions mostly in "unread" status.