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Reading books at home

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  • Reading books at home

    I have lots of books on my list to read. Two of them on my action lists: read one chapter of book X and read one chapter of book Y. Both of them are interesting for me. Both of them are of equal priority as the rest of actions in my system. It looks like I need to schedule reading time otherwise there will be no progress. My questions:

    1. Should I leave only one book on my list and add another when thd first done?
    2. Should I schedule time to make it priority within home actions?
    3. Your tips and tricks?

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    Hi there,

    I'll share my experience. I really like to read a lot of stuff, and its very common to find myself with 11 books waiting to be read (current situation).
    Recently I was feeling that my reading was out of control so I set up a doc to plan my reading I divided into 4 sections

    1. Books that I am reading (max 2 or 3)
    2. Books to read next
    3. Books to get/buy
    4. Books finished

    I promised myself that I would keep section 1 with a max of 2/3 books. When I finish it I can get another one from the stack of section 2.
    So far its working great. I had the bad habit of starting the new shiny book before finishing the current pile

    I don't schedule reading time unless its important material for work and has due dates. I just keep the list of what I am reading and keep the books/papers with me as much as possible. Whenever I feel like it, I read

    Take care


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      I'm in the same boat! For me, I've found that parsing chapters among different books to be so much work that it doesn't leave time for reading! I keep a list that contains:

      1) Books to Read
      2) Books I Want
      3) Books I Want to Revisit

      I'll split my books to read list into A) Professional/Personal Improvement (any book that involves any action outside of just reading like Mr. Allen's books for example) and B) Pleasure/Educational (any book that I want to read for fun or to enlighten myself for fun.) I make the distinction as easy as possible so I know I will always follow through: Will I need to write/think/practice something I learn in the book or would I be able to read this book before bedtime to relax. Then those titles are added to the list.

      As I find or read about titles I am interested in, I'll add that to my Books I Want list and decide which catagory it applies to. I have to keep myself on a strict rule of no new books until my list is 2/3 completed as I'm a book junkie and if I had my way my house would be filled to the rafters with books. My addiction is another compulsion to work on that list and read those books cover to cover so I can head back to the bookstore!

      If I find a book that I want to revisit (GTD for example) I'll put a reminder in a tickler file from anywhere 4-8 weeks away with notes to remind myself what I wanted to review. Even for a scatterbrain like myself, this system works exremely well.