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    I have followed GTD strictly as I could for the past four month (no adjustments except for a few; my life is flexible) and I can't help but think, "Am I missing something?" I'm a student and have switched between GTD-capable task managers - sometimes even dropping the whole thing together and simply creating a list of things to do in a notes application in my iPod touch.

    I then tried to tweak GTD a bit. No effect whatsoever. I simplified my contexts and made sure my projects were well organized; I actually just needed to delete a few contexts as I had done a weekly review previous to simplifying my system so my projects were already well-tended. I quit using OmniFocus and reverted to Action Lists. Nothing.

    As of today I am currently using a simple task manager. The feeling of overwhelm has disappeared - at least, for the time being. Though with the lack of start dates I cannot concentrate on my work; I did use priorities to sort them out (which ones I could do, which ones I'll work on later, etc., etc.) and it didn't work so I simply color-coded them.

    I could say that I've fallen off the GTD wagon and am jogging behind it in an effort to keep up, metamorphically. My productivity hasn't increased exponentially, though I do appreciate having gotten to know GTD over the months. It is an excellent methodology, I can personally tell you that.

    Like most people that use GTD we can live without it. But we choose not to because it helps us get things done effortlessly. And I'd like to give it a try again in a week or so. If anyone can help me with some use cases I'll appreciate it. Can you also please include what tools you use and how has it helped you? I find that reading other people's system setup really helps me learn a whole lot more. Thank you in advance.

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    Hello Elizabeth,

    I do a podcast series on GTD Connect called "Slice of GTD Life" where I interview members about their GTD setup. You'll hear detail and "case studies" in a way of how they apply GTD to their world.

    The two-week free guest pass will give you access to those:


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      Thank you!

      Thank you for the reply, Kelly. Will be checking that out!