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Capturing ideas in the shower

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  • Capturing ideas in the shower

    I'm hoping someone else has this dilemma, and can share with me how they've solved it.

    For some reason, I get a ton of ideas/thoughts/to-dos while I'm in the shower. Unfortunately, the abundance of water makes most capturing methods unuseable (paper and electronics tend to not fare very well in this environment).

    However, if I don't capture the items right THEN, I'll have forgotten what they are by the time I'm out of the shower, resulting in a nagging feeling for the rest of the day, until the thought(s) pop back into my head.

    Any suggestions on water-friendly capturing tools?

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    SCUBA Gear

    Somewhere - possibly on this board - I read a suggestion to go to a dive shop and buy a diver's slate. Just put it in the shower, and when ideas strike, write them on the slate.

    They come in various sizes and they don't cost that much. I just checked, and they have an 8-1/2 X 11 slate for $9.95.


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      Gotta love this board - too many of us think alike.

      I too, think of a lot of good ideas in the shower. One idea I thought would be fantastic would be to create a waterproof voice recorder. And then that led me to the idea to have a voice recorder that saved the files as .wav's and wirelessly emailed them to you where you could process them accordingly. Now that's an idea.

      But something else popped into my head, back at our old office we had large glass windows that you could use dry erase markers on. If you had glass doors on your shower, just use a dry erase marker in the area that doesn't get wet.


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        DA created the Outlook Add-In. Now we need a waterproof PDA with voice recorder. It will have to have extra-large buttons and be shock-proof so that when we drop it, all covered with soap and shampoo, it will keep on ticking.

        And what about the all-important hypnagogic and hypnopompic ideas we get just before or after sleep? Why not a sound-activated voice recorder in the bedroom?

        PS: DA in the GTD Fast series deals with a similar issue: getting an idea while jogging. He suggests using mnemonics. Once you think of your idea, envision yourself writing that idea down as you return to your home. I guess if it could work for jogging, it might work for the shower or bath.

        I wonder if DA has broken down and now jogs with his Palm with voice recorder?


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          Singing in the rain (dum de dum dumde)

          What a wonderful discussion board this is - always something interesting to read.

          Warning - implementing this suggestion will confirm to your loved ones that you're a few bricks short of a load.

          Here's what I do - set the idea to whatever song is rattling around in my head and sing it out loud. I guess its the same as the mnemonic idea. You can even try fitting in the next actions to the song as you go along. Sing it helps clear the head and lighten the heart.

          My youngest kid has taken to getting up early with me and we have a chat whilst I'm showering - so we work together to fit words to tunes from Bananas in Pyjamas, Playschool, Astro Boy,...

          It does seem to work as I can remember those songs most of the day.

          See ya,


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            Someone on one of the other GTD boards posted their set-up to deal with this. I think it was the GTD yahoo board and I think it was Eric Mack (DAs technology guru) who posted a pic of his set-up. It was a while back and their search engine is a pain, but it maybe worth looking, or if you can't find it, just post a note on that board asking about it.



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              Possibly a waterproof case for a small recorder?



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                Shower capture

                My kids play with tub crayons. They come in all kinds of different colors. You could mind map on the shower wall and record it when you are dry. It's alot cheaper than developing a waterproof recorder for a couple of GTDers!



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                  I'm having a zen moment so heres a GTD haiku for you

                  Enjoy the shower

                  Let go the nagging feeling

                  Thoughts come back later


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                    See Eric Mack's shower setup on his blog :
                    'A Shower of Ideas' Thursday, November 6th, 2003
                    I have not tried the idea myself




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                      Voice recorder

                      The voice recorder is the ultimate capturing (or pre-capturing tool). Always have it handy. If you get an idea while in shower, take a moment, close the shower, dry your hand, switch on the voice recorder, let it go, and then continue with the shower. Never let any idea escape you, because that may be the idea that may be a very important idea. And the nagging feeling which you get while trying to recollect after not recording the idea is too much to bear. So please record it. The Zen moment will come to those who record such thoughts.

                      But it is a nice idea to have a water proof voice recorder. Guys at Olympus, Samsung - are you listening?


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                        My Dictaphone has a “voice activation” option. You could get one of these, place it just outside your shower, then poke your head out and announce your inspirations to it without having to touch it.


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                          P.S. if there is a strap on the Dictaphone you could hang it from a hook on the wall.


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                            Originally posted by Anonymous
                            P.S. if there is a strap on the Dictaphone you could hang it from a hook on the wall.
                            And wrap it in a plastic bag. My bathroom gets pretty steamy when I shower.

                            I personally like the tub crayons idea better. But I know my wife would not appreciate them. Now my 7-year-old son would love them.


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                              Wouldn't it just be easier to hire an executive assistant to sit in the bathroom while you're in the shower? "Marge, take this down..."

                              Seriously, for me, I usually have my Palm sitting on or near my towel, so I just reach out, blot off my hands, and take the note.