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Trying not to confuse processing with doing

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  • Trying not to confuse processing with doing

    I have the habit sometimes of doing something that I have put into my collection bucket rather than processing it first.

    Can I do this? I just feel that i would rather get it done and out of the way so as to forget about it - this mainly happens with single action items

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    You can do it, sure. I find it's sort of a higher-risk thing, but sometimes the work is of such a nature that the increased risk doesn't bother me. The 'two' in the two-minute rule can handle some flexibility.



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      I do that too and, for me, the trick is to complete the Clarify step.

      If I had read the GTD book and read on this forum of Making It All Work, then I might write to my Collector: Buy Making It All Work.

      During Clarification, I may remember that I have a reference list "My Favorite Authors" and I need to add David Allen to the list. As long as I'm happy that I have extracted all the value from the Collector's Item ( ! ), then I may add to the reference list and buy the book online without a Next Action.

      Without the Clarify step, I may have lingering doubts about completion.


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        Hi MacGirl,

        I'd say this is the same issue as your other post I commented on about blending collect/process/organize by collecting into mail folders.

        Really--same sandwich, just different bread.



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          Gofer it!

          I'd say it is a very good thing to do instead of "process". Doing is what it is all about!


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            Thank you for your replies. As ever they are very much appreciated