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Structured Procratination, awareness, priorities and GTD...

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  • Structured Procratination, awareness, priorities and GTD...

    Slightly off topic, but for those of us battling various degrees of procrastination, this very real and humorous description of procrationation may be easy to relate to, but the mitigations described may not be fully in line with GTD (devicing more important task that can be avoided...). It could though be seen as a twist on procrastination awareness and how to understand the very next action to deal with based on GTD principles (context, time available, energy available and priority). Anyway, have a look:
    I just love the picture of the author at the beach and the text: "Author practices jumping rope with seaweed while work awaits.". The ultimate image of an counterproductive, needless, and delaying action...


    By the way; this posting was written, while not looking at my @Office list and specifically NOT preparing for my telephone conference this afternoon - and I am fully aware of this...

    Update: Noticed that Structured Procrastination was also mentioned in this thread:
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