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'GTD' as an Area of Focus

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  • 'GTD' as an Area of Focus

    Do you have GTD as one of your areas of focus?

    After all, if the important parts of your life are in GTD, then GTD itself is a key success factor in your life.

    Perhaps this is a bit like Stephen Covey's 'sharpen the saw' habit.

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    Personal Development

    I have a larger area of Focus I call Personal Development. In addition to GTD stuff this is also where, personal health, estate planning, knitting, spinning, reading, sewing, weaving, quilting, scrapbooks, photography & genealogy tasks sit as separate folders with projects in them under the larger Personal Development folder. Basically anything that improves me personally goes here.

    It's also where my "bucket list" of things I may consider doing someday is listed, things like learn calligraphy, hike a local mountain, start drawing with colored pencils, get a GTD coach to come for a personal system review and similar things.

    For me they are all inactive or on-hold projects. I may or may not make them active ever but at least I captured that I have considered doing them eventually.


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      Mine's a little more granular at that level than Oogiem I have:

      [^20K Area of Focus] Self awareness and self management

      This has a tickler item once a quarter "Review GTD system and make any improvements I feel I need"

      That may or may not spark project as needed.

      So that one area of focus also covers other projects, perhaps to read a book on NLP, evaluate my personal motivation or discipline in some area other than just GTD.

      It wouldn't cover developing a new personal skill like sewing, as Oogiem's would seem to cover, or powerbocking as I've got on my maybe list, but that's just different, not wrong

      Whatever works for you!


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        When I saw the GTD material, and realised it was a perfect match for what I've been trying to achieve in pulling the runaway bits of my life together, the first thing I did was create the AOF called 'GTD'.

        I do now have satellite methods that plug into it and these are going to have to go into my GTD AOF too. These include The Pomodoro Technique, The Now Habit and the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh on mindfulness. These are all related to the alternating states of engaging in what you're doing and having a clear mind.

        One of my goals for this AOF is to get better at implementing goals.
        Next action: Put feet in two buckets and pull !
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