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GTD for Outlook sync to Palm or Pocket PC?

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  • GTD for Outlook sync to Palm or Pocket PC?

    I'm 100% committed to the GTD for Outlook. I have been a palm user but I'm fustrated by the 15 category limit. How does the GTD for Outlook software work with both the Palm and the Pocket PC?

    I don't care what device I use, I just want my GTD Categories sync to a PDA. Based on what I have seen, a Pocket PC is Outlook on a PDA and can go beyond 15 categories. Seems like a winner to me.

    Any thoughts or imputs before I buy would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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    My personally experience is that Palm is easier to use with tasks list. When I used Pocket PC I had to fill in boxes in meny to get from one category to another (when there was many category). You decide, but I am sure to stick with Palm platform, after used Pocket PC and Symbian.


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      Try PocketMirror Professional from Chapura

      In order to sync your categories, you will need to get PocketMirror Professional or KeySuite from Chapura.


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        I use an iPAQ 4150 with Pocket Informant (Webis) installed. It lists my categories in hieracrchal order and I just check the category I wish to review and all my individual files drop down for me to act on. Works great for me and for many others, I'm sure. Give it a try because there is no category limit on a Pocket PC!


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          try keysuite for the palm perfect solution albiet expensive


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            Another vote for KeySuite

            I had used iambic Agendus (formerly Action Names) for years but since adopting GTD and Outlook, it fell short. When Dataviz pulled the plug on Desktop to Go (a very good Outlook conduit), I tried Beyond Contacts and then KeySuite. KeySuite is, IMO, the best Outlook workalike for the Palm.

            Both KeySuite and Beyond Contacts are expensive in terms of memory and do require an additional investment in $$ but for me, I have never felt more in sync sice adopting KeySuite. When I calculate how many paper organizers I spent good money on, only to find that they did not meet my needs, the cost is pretty trivial. My Sony Clie (also not cheap) has plenty of memory so that's not a big issue for me.

            Both Dataviz and Chapura offer trials so give them a try and see which works best for you.


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              Re: GTD for Outlook sync to Palm or Pocket PC?

              Originally posted by Guest
              ... fustrated by the 15 category limit.

              I don't care what device I use, I just want my GTD Categories sync to a PDA. .... a Pocket PC ... can go beyond 15 categories. ...

              My husband chose a PPC as an unexpected Christmas gift to me. So, this is all I know.

              The additional categories work great for me and syncing has never been a problem. I also sometimes assign more than one category for a task. For example, I can multi-label a task for: - a person - Project name - activity/context.

              And, I can later view by the categories I select.

              In reading about both the Palms and the PPC's, it seems that both of them benefit from added software.

              I'm a visual person, a doodler, so I chose Agenda Fusion software as my PIM because it shows me various time views (day, wk, mo, yr) to my liking and also because it includes colored backgrounds/fonts and icons that you can set up for categories, i.e., phone icon for @phone, a car icon for @errands, etc.)

              These icons show up in daily, week and month slots. I can see at a glance my regular reminders.

              For many, prehaps, my system would be just extra steps., but for me, it's fun and informative in a way that I'll respond to.

              Each person has to find his/her own way.


              P.S. Mindmapping is probably next for my GTD system as I already love taking reading notes with it. Plus, I can turn the diagram into a regular text list to share with others who are overwhelmed or turned-off by the graphics.