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Getting inbox to zero with two computers

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  • Getting inbox to zero with two computers

    I am wondering if anyone has a good idea about how getting my email inbox to zero with this hardware setup:

    I work (1) with a desktop computer in my office, always connected to the server that hosts the emails and (2) a macbook not always connected to the server (but of course often, e.g. When being in my home office)

    At the moment I often leave emails in the inbox (as an archive - which is not a good idea, I know...) so that I can access them always (in the office when I do not have my macbook around or when being offline, e.g. when working in the train with my macbook); if I stored processed emails in a folder on the server, I could not access them when being offline; if I stored them in a local folder on the macbook, I could not access them when I am away from the macbook. What to do?

    Any ideas?!
    Thank you!

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    Are you using your emails as GTD system?
    In my case I have the following structure:
    - Inbox
    -- PSM (Project Support Materials)
    -- 201105 (archive for the current month)

    So once an email is processed all the projects and next actions are created in separate GTD system (which is web-based). Then if I still need the email for reference, I put it into PSM folder. Otherwise it goes to archive folder (201105).
    When new month starts I creat a new archive folder and old one goes to archive on the server.


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      Thank you very much for your quick reply. I cannot create subfolders under the inbox; but creating folders/postboxes on the server and having them accessible also when being offline seems to work... (I have to check with the computer in the office, too...) thank you!


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        Sounds to me like you need a separate system for reference and tasks that is not driven by your corporate email system.

        High-availability is important to me which is why I use a cloud-based system for most everything. After a mail is processed, I never need my mail system again. A task goes into Remember The Milk (RTM), reference information is copied to Evernote. This way, I have full access (home, work, phone, online or off) to all my tasks and reference information.

        If this doesn't violate your corporate policies, I'd recommend using your email system as a communication tool only, since it's not suited to your needs for task and reference management.


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          Set up your work email to forward any incoming emails to a gmail/hotmail account. You can then file them and access them wherever you are,