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Project List to Process/Check Lists Hint

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  • Project List to Process/Check Lists Hint

    Hi everyone,

    I was thinking today about projects. And I came up with something I think may be helpful and fairly easy to set up. I hope my words adequately describe it so you can use it if you like.

    Set up a table. Across the top you list the project names. Down the left side you have numbers 1 to whatever. Leave space at the bottom. As you get a project, you can brainstorm underneath it the steps involved, regardless of what order you think of it in.

    Now, when you ask, "What's the next physical action?" make sure to write the number and action to whichever bucket it goes to. You can either use the project list itself or something else.

    Wait, there's more! Keep track of the order that you do each project in at the bottom of the page underneath that specific project. For example, if you would write the numbers in the order you did them: 5,7,9,22,3, etc. THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME YOUR CHECKLIST AFTER YOU REWRITE IT IN ORDER IF IT'S AN ONGOING PROJECT.

    The only other thought I had is at the very bottom of the list on the left hand side, list "Next Action" with space for the number/action. Above it would be the "Order of Completion" mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Well, that's my thought. I hope some of you find it useful!