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GTD Seminar?

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  • GTD Seminar?

    The GTD Mastering Workflow seminar is going to be at a city 3 hours away. I want to go, but it would be a major investment in both time and money for me at this point.
    I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has been to the live seminar and could share their experience.
    I have read Getting Things Done and Making It All Work between 3 and 5 times, have both audio and hardcopy, and have implemented bits and pieces, but e-mail is a horrible challenge for me, I often spend my blocked out "planning time" doing things that I am behind on.
    I've seen improvement and I want more. Would love to hear from others as to whether the seminar would be the best use of my "invest in myself" budget or perhaps something online from GTD? Looking to the experts here.
    Thanks in advance, Karrie

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    I just attended the Mastering Workflow seminar for the second time last week in Chicago. It is such a good way to take the concepts from the book and take your own, personal tasks and use them to solidify the GTD processes into your mind.

    In my opinion, it was *very* worth the time and effort to attend - both the first time and the second time even more so! I also brought my boss and 4 colleagues to this last round so they could get exposed to this great seminar as well.



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      Mastering the Art of Workflow

      I attended the recent Chicago seminar and found it incredibly helpful. Wayne Pepper did a fantastic job of presenting. I came away reinvigorated, with a full set of ideas on how to implement GTD best for my work situation. The expense was well worth it.



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        well worth it!!

        Thanks for your input, I did end up going and enjoyed it SO MUCH! The timing was terrible as I was in the last weeks of studying for a tough designation exam, so I enjoyed the day then had to refocus on my studies, but am now past that and getting into it. Worth every penny!