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Can a tickler file be used for more than 30 days in advance?

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  • Can a tickler file be used for more than 30 days in advance?

    Can a tickler file be used for more than 30 days in advance?

    For example, I want to use an original item (warranty) as a reminder in a tickler file to place an order 3 months from now on a specific date?

    Can the tickler file do this?

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    Definitely! In fact it is designed to be used for at least one year ahead! Some people have theirs setup for more than one year. For something 3 months ahead, put the warranty info in the folder corresponding to the month, and then at the beginning of the month, place it in the folder for the specific day if necessary.


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      yes, but

      I am allergic to the possibility of losing something in the tickler. I did this-- an important certificate that had to be renewed but came months before it could be executed and a graduation checklist that that had tasks on it that were spread out over 6 months. What if you need the item but can't remember what month it is in, well that is not so bad because at worst you have 30 day folders to look through plus 11 monthly folders. But what if you have no recollection of having put it in the tickler at at all and that one piece of paper is your only cue. So you might want to put a note in the folder where you have the items related to the purchase that says "warrantee in tickler June 2012". Using the tickler for theatre tickets works well when you also have the theatre performances on your calendar.

      Some people use a tickler that is just folders and others use cards with information and notes on them that pass through a system of dividers. This is great for recurring items.

      If you don't have a lot of stuff, you could clip it to a paper calendar such as the kind you might use on the refrigerator.


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        Yes but

        Very helpful advice. Thank you very much!


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          Very helpful as well


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            If you may need access to a particular piece of paper that you intend to put in the tickler file before the date comes, file it with your reference materials and put a note about it in your tickler file, not the other way around.


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              Since I'm new to the thread, I'm learning the protocol. Do we thank everyone for their helpful advice each time they post.

              I am grateful for the good answers that have been shared.