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Lotus Notes - Any way to keep "to do" items off ca

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  • Lotus Notes - Any way to keep "to do" items off ca

    I had all of my GTD lists set up in Outlook, but computer support just removed Outlook because they said it's a virus target. We use Lotus Notes for e-mail, calendars, etc. I do not like using the "to do" function in Lotus Notes because it automatically adds the item to my calendar, which results in a very cluttered (and "non-GTD") calendar. Is there any way to keep Lotus Notes from automatically showing "to do" items on the calendar when the "to do" is created?


    P.S. With regard to a message by Eric Mack about the interest in Lotus templates, unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to get "non-standard" software installed at my workplace.

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    Preventing display of ToDos on Calendar


    Depending on the version of Notes that you are using, there is an option under your mail preferences to hide ToDos from the calendar. Unfortunately, this feature does not work in all versions.

    I understand that some companies are unwilling to deploy custom templates. That's too bad. One of the strengths of Lotus Notes is the flexibility that it offers in terms of being able to roll out custom templates for specific needs. It is also very short-sided. The time-savings that can be realized by even the simplest of changes that I make to an e-mail template for example, can easily amount to 10-15 minutes (or more) each day.

    I'm in the process of writing up a blog entry on how to customize the Notes Welcome page for maximum productivity. This is something that any end-user can do as it simply changes the view. It will be on the eProductivity.NET site (www.eproductivity.NET).

    I hope this helps.

    Eric Mack,


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      Lotus Note To Do

      Thanks, Eric, for your reply. I've changed the preferences so that the current to do items aren't shown on the calendar - a big improvement. However, they still appear the first time they're entered. That may just be one of those quirks I'll have to live with. Thanks again for all of the help you give Notes users.


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        Sounds like you should speak with one of your IS folks


        I'm glad to hear that I was able to help you, at least partially. Lotus Notes is a powerful tool (one of many) that you can use to organize your projects and actions. I find it a wonderful support tool for those that use the GTD Methodology.

        I would recommend talking with your IS folks about how your Lotus Notes is configured. You do not need to have your to-dos show through on your calendar.

        Personally, I only put ToDos on my calendar if they are day specific (Must do them THAT day or else), or Time-specific (I am committed to do them at THAT time). Having anything else on my calendar (other than simple non-action specific reminders) would diminish its utility.

        Just my $.02

        Eric Mack


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          Lotus notes Template

          New experimental release of GTD using Lotus Notes.

          Check it out and contribute!!


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            the OpenNTFGTD project has been rechristened

            Originally posted by -=KoolPal=-

            New experimental release of GTD using Lotus Notes.

            Check it out and contribute!!
            Hi folks, the OpenNTFGTD project has been rechristened to OpenNTF Productivity Extensions for Notes

            The link is here: