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Using GTD for Employee Performance Evals

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  • Using GTD for Employee Performance Evals

    Hello - I am right in the middle of doing our annual employee performance evals which we take deadly seriously around here I also have to do a self-eval of myself.

    A struggle I am having is remembering the things that have gone on over the past 12 months rather than doing the Janet Jacket "what have you done for me lately?" bit. I'm pretty much done with evals for this year, but want to think about how GTD could help me next year.

    One idea is to make putting an entry on an an ongoing log of all the super fantastic things my staff does part of of my weekly review - if I could make a comment even monthly, that would be great.

    I also have a project category called "project/others" which is a lot like waiting for, but contains longer term things that only need to reviewed weekly and that don't hold up my own projects if they don't get done. So an entry might look like "Jim - manage hotel operations for XYZ event". I could hold onto those for a year and review at review time and see what it triggers.

    And of course, I could use my project list and a performance review log for my self review as well.

    Are any of you using GTD to help you with content for performance evals?

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    Bellasia, I struggle with where to put these observations. I was using Projects as Contacts method but am migrating back to a plain vanilla implementation with Outlook ToDos

    I have 6 direct reports, 20+ consultants I manange and over 80 consultants that my team is responsible for. Collecting observations and input to performance reviews is an area we can improve greetly

    I have used Notes/Memos with Outlook and Palm. Not as rigorously as I probably should. I try to make note of any siginificant accomplishment in my notes for each person. I also keep notes by client (multiple consultants could be assigned to 1 client). Since a consultant can move from client to client, I think it's best to have a note per person. The manager that person reports to can also change during the year.

    I like your suggestion of making this a weekly review item. I may not see someone in a given week or the conversation may be more routine. If I create trigger to remind myself to reflect on other's accomplishments I could easily end up with much more information and many observations on each person over a 1 year period.