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Recurring Appointments in Outlook

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  • Recurring Appointments in Outlook

    Can anyone suggest how to see each date for a recurring appointment under the appointments section of GTD for Outlook? Thank you.

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    When I open up a recurring item, it shows the range like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    Are you looking for something different than that?



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      Recurring Appointments in Outlook

      I'm sorry; I was not clear. I set up a recurring appointment in Outlook. When I go to Project Central and view the appointment, I only see the first date, not all of them. I need to print a report that will show all the dates of the recurring appointment/event.
      Thank you.


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        OK, I think I get your question. You're trying to see recurring appointments through the Project View in the GTD® Outlook® Add-In by Netcentrics? How are you seeing any appointments through Project Central view? My understanding is that view is for Projects and Subprojects only.

        Sorry... I might be confusing your question more than helping you!



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          Add in fault

          This is the way it is with the Add-in. It only shows the first date.


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            It would be a good improvement for Project Central to have all appointments in the recurring series show in reports, not just the first date.


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              The Netcentrics team does often scan these public forums too. But in case they didn't see your note, I passed it along to them. They responded with:

              we’ll incorporate this into a list of potential features for a new version.