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Is The @iPhone/Smartphone Context Considered as an @Anywhere Context?

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  • Is The @iPhone/Smartphone Context Considered as an @Anywhere Context?

    I have a few contexts in my system:

    Errands (Titled "Roving" only considering Errands sound very work like to me)
    Mac: Online
    Mac: Offline

    Anyways, I'm noticing that some of my @iPhone actions can simply only be done on my phone, such as making a phone call...though reading an article online can indeed be read on my iPhone, as opposed to my Mac and normally i'll add such an action into my @iPhone context, considering I'm with my iPhone most time of the day and usually my Mac collecting cobwebs at home. Furthermore, being an active GTD'er, I'm one to want to finish my actions sooner than later; in this example reading a certain article on my iPhone when I'm at work at 2pm, rather than waiting till 9pm when I get home and am tired...not to mention my having a lot of downtime at work. My "job" is super easy. I'm allowed to use my cell phone at any time of the day, so long as I'm not yapping away. I guess what I meant in this past sentence was I'm allowed to surf the web and check my OmniFocus available actions on my phone.

    The only defense I can see arising due to this scenario is that is may seem a bit cumbersome to read a lengthy article, or even start a lengthy thread on a smartphone's small screen, as opposed to a laptop's bigger screen and more capable keyboard. Perhaps it's all about personally preference but I certainly notice that some of my @iPhone actions, are at times done on my laptop seeing as I'd have both in front of me and have a certain journaling app on both devices.

    So as not to ramble, i'll end this thread by asking if even an @anywhere context is necessary or if it would provide more headaches in the long run. Bear in mind, I don't have an @anywhere context, just that @iPhone context that seems to present itself to me an array of actions that can be tackled anywhere, considering I can be anywhere with my phone...and sometimes I check my finances via iPhone apps, or directly through banking websites on my computer, just as an example.

    Anyways, I'm all ears. Thanks guys, I love this community.

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    I used to have an @iPhone context, but changed it to @Portable. I always have my iPhone with me, which is why I made it in the first place, but @Portable is any portable device (like my Kindle) or even paper/books. It's a bit more useful as a broader context, and saves me from having too many separate contexts.

    For example - if it's a lovely sunny day and I'd like to work in the park for an hour, I can check my @Portable list to see if there is anything I can do there. I might have a few things that I can do on my iPhone, but there might be a task like 'read XYZ document', which I only need the printed copy of the document, and my iPhone to take notes on. So this looks good, I grab my stuff and go.


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      I think it depends on what the item is. I have an old web-enabled PDA but I don't have a context for it nor do I put computer-based actions on @Anywhere even though I pretty much carry it with me everywhere.

      I would still use @Computer for actions that I could do on a smart phone or on *any* computer. In the same manner I would use @Calls for phone calls that can be made from *any* phone. However, if I owned an Android phone and I was going to download an app as part of a project (e.g. "Evaluate GTasks for Android"), then my next action would be on a specialized context-list for my device (e.g. @Smartphone).

      Keep it as simple as possible. Remember, you're only trying to park reminders in a place where *your* brain trusts that *you* will see it at the appropriate time and often enough. What works for one person may not work for another.


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        Glad to return to this thread I started.

        Since the initial post I've attempted to re-allocate certain actions from @iPhone to @Mac:Online/Offline or @home; depending on the action.

        Perhaps it'll always been a work in progress though personally feel good i'm striving for an overall successful outcome.

        Guess i'll post back here in a week with progress on where I stand.