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  • NA dependencies

    So I have a project like "paint the kitchen". Once I polish off all of the little NAs, like buy the paint and brushes, the next NA is a puzzle for me. I could do, for example, "bring the paints up from the basement" as my next NA, or "clear off all surfaces" but it doesn't make sense to do these unless I am willing to block out the time to finish the job entirely. Otherwise, it's a hassle for everyone until its done. Should the next NA simply be "paint the kitchen"?



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    Hi bb,

    I think everyone will have a different next action at this point. For me, the key is to get the real next action so it doesn't confuse or repel me. So it might be "set a day to paint kitchen" or "talk with partner about when she can live with wet paint" or "mask kitchen trim". Or, if you really are ready, it may well be "paint kitchen". Good luck!


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      Originally posted by bblais View Post
      it doesn't make sense to do these unless I am willing to block out the time to finish the job entirely.
      In such cases, I think "paint the kitchen" is a fine next action, perhaps with the subactions forming a checklist.



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        I would either just block out some time straight away in my calendar to paint it (if it is just me), or have 'organise date to paint kitchen' as a next action (if I am planning to get others to help me and I need to check what date is suitable with them).

        Next actions are great for small activities that can be done any time, but large activities that take many hours like painting the kitchen are much better scheduled on your calendar. If you decide one Saturday to paint the kitchen and the family comes home and says "OMG I can't believe you're painting the kitchen when I'm having people over tonight!" that wouldn't be good. You are better off having it on the calendar at home so others know the kitchen won't be available during that time and will not plan to use it. Same goes for work stuff too, if people can see you are going to block a few hours to working on a big assignment they will hopefully leave you alone until afterwards unless it's important.


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          It depends.

          Originally posted by bblais View Post
          Should the next NA simply be "paint the kitchen"?
          It depends:
          - it can be just "paint the kitchen";
          - it can be "paint the left wall" if your kitchen is huge;
          - it can be "bring the paints up from the basement" if you need a trigger;
          - it can be "open a bottle of beer" if you need artistic inspiration...


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            Personally I would calendar 'Paint Kitchen', then make a checklist of things to do on the day, since you really want the job done in one go. Its not much good to have your kitchen out of action for a week while you get round doing the NAs.


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              As I live with other people my next action at this point would be to plan with "other person(s)" and schedule a time to paint. For me it's the next step to be able to keep all my commitments to both myself about getting the painting done and my commitments to them to listen to their opinions and make them happy.

              Plus, that way everybody's on the same page which helps avoid interruptions.