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The Divisions of "Stuff"

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  • The Divisions of "Stuff"

    Right now when I process stuff, I put it into reference or action, and from there I will put it on lists. I have started to think that my action lists are cluttered by things that are really tracking lists. Things like waiting for, someday maybe, delegated, quick memo type reminders. I can't DO any of the stuff on these lists (except sd/mb, but not right now, these are more ideas), so I don't see why they are actions. The action would be "Review W/F", etc. which I would stick a reminder on the Calendar for.

    I don't want to mess with a proven system, but this seems to clear up what is an action, what is reference, and what i want to keep an eye on. Do other people view these things as actions or reference?

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but you're certainly correct that the Next Action list is separate and distinct from, and does not encompass or include, the Waiting For list, the Someday/Maybe list, etc etc.

    Does that clear things up?



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      You need to setup your list system so you can sort or filter the lists. As you have pointed out, you have a complete actions list, but you also need to filter so you only see the next actions, only waiting fors etc. Alternatively set them up so they are separate physical lists (which is what you do if using paper).


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        Yeah the WF isnt strictly a Next Action list since you cant 'do it'. But it is whats next on that project. Its a marker giving you a reminder about the next step.

        Since it exists at the same level (mostly) as a Next Action - i.e. its runway stuff, rather than 10K or 20K+ it makes sense to be able to review the WF against your Next Action lists. I find it helpful to be able to review WF lists at the same level and at the same point in my weekly review as emails/phone calls and so on.

        But like all these things - there's no right, other than what works for you.