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What gtd book would you recommend...

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  • What gtd book would you recommend...

    What's the best book to introduce and interest someone in gtd in your opinion?
    There are 3 gtd books by David Allen overall and I read them all but would like your advice too.

    It's not important that the person who reads the book actually implements gtd system completely Right away and I think it would be too much for him if he would attempt it all at once.

    I think a successful outcome would be if the person would at least get the idea and become interested and also implement some habits such as capturing. Hopefully it would plant a seed and eventually he would implement other habits and maybe even complete gtd system.

    So what book would You suggest?

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    My personal opinion...

    If they are the kind of person that would want to know why they are doing this before getting started, then Ready For Anything.

    If they are the kind of person that just needs a bit of an overview, but are ready to dive right in on how to do it, then Getting Things Done.

    If you think they would need to know the "big picture" of the why and how, then Making It All Work.


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      Thanks, I decided to give Ready For Anything because the person is interested in gtd but implementing a complete gtd system would be too overwhelming at this point.
      I think it would work great to demonstrate why he might need gtd in the first place and to start implementing some good habits like capture without having to implement everything at once and then maybe move on to the Getting Things Done


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        Here is an update.

        The person got actually very excited about GTD and I gave him another book too, getting things done.

        He also told me that he got really interested after he saw me using gtd and still staying very efficient and moving multiple projects forward while also beign very tired and brain dead because I haven't slept for 24 hours (I was adjusting to a new sleep schedule)...
        I told him that I dont have to re-think stuff all the time, I have to think only once ideally, so I stayed efficient because all the thinking was already done previously when I had high energy