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  • Accountability Buddy

    I had heard of GTD for a while now but had never got round to delving into it. I am capable of doing so much but like a lot of others find it hard to motivate myself. I'm very good at motivating others and realise that what I need is a relationship of peer mentoring.

    I have several projects I'd like to start and would like to bite off a bit more career-wise too. If I had someone to be accountable to on a daily basis I know I would have the incentive to make a start and continue with these things.

    For me this would best using Skype either in text or in voice. I am on GMT but get up early in the morning which could suit those in the states who go to bed late!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    I am VERY interested in this but I am concerned I may not be a good fit for you. I live in New Zealand so timing would work fine I think. I am quite flexible with times etc. However, I am not currently working in paid employment. I use GTD around the home and with art/craft projects mainly. I am training to be a Life Coach and work with clients. I am also in the process of following a dream to open a community centre in the town near me so I will be implementing GTD a lot more in time too.

    My main concern is illness. I have been ill for a few years now and sometimes I get sick for long periods of time. My commitments then, unfortunately, have to take a back seat to health. I won't be offended if this won't work for you at all.



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      Hi Allie,

      Thanks for replying.

      As a newbie to GTD I would need some preparatory sessions anyway, so why don't we see if we are a good 'fit' each other by discussing how we will work together?

      If you send me a private message with your skype nickname I'll add you and we can begin a dialogue.



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        More Accountability Buddies!

        I have been working with Allie via Skype and it has been amazingly motivational.

        It would be great to extend this so that there are more people involved, particularly at different times of the day, so there will always be someone available.

        Our main strategy has been to work in 'real time' via Skype: we would announce a task or part of a task, go off for say 10 minutes to do it, come back and announce our success. It is surprising how good it feels to be working at the same time as a buddy and how satisfying it is to share in each others successes.

        I am still in the process of setting up and this technique is helping me immensely and i foresee it similarly helping once I'm into maintaining the system.

        If you would like to give this a go, send me a private message asking me more questions or to let me have your Skype nickname.