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Filing System For Electronic Documents

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  • Filing System For Electronic Documents

    I currently keep journal entries, notes, and emails in very generic folders and just search for what I need. I was suprised to find this works just fine, particularly since I started adding Freeform tags like "©unix". However, I keep everything else in a endless series of hierarchical folders. I use Windows which has Freeform search but no tagging capability.

    Has anyone come up with anything easier/simpler. Id love to just have a few simple folders, but I'm not sure how I'd find everything, particularly if I didn't remember it well enough for a detailed search.

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    maybe the hierarchies are the problem

    What about Paper Tiger?--there is an electronic version. I have never used it.
    It is expensive.

    My "system"

    I am not great with this but I find it helpful to label first with a general name that I will remember, then with what it is, sometimes also why, then date. Search is slow for word documents but I can handle the steps.

    Of course, iif it all fits on one or two pages, it would just be in one file, Shelves. I would love a better system and I may over to the Mac because there are better programs for this.

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    Shelves owned dimensions from old house 081010
    Shelves premade sources local
    Shelves letter to EZ shelf co re collapse 100111


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      I use evernote


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        I had no idea Paper Tiger was still in business!

        Years ago, I remember finding out that their mule wouldn't pull my wagon.


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          I still use a lot of folders within My Documents and can usually find what I want. But I also use an Outlook add-in program called Lookeen that indexes and is better than the Windows indexing. The program is mainly for e-mails (a feature I don't use), but it's good for finding lots of other items on my drive.

          The other program I use quite a bit is PersonalBrain. A recent webinar on file management might give you further ideas--lots of potential for tagging, searching, etc.