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  • Ready For Anything notes

    Last edited by CosmoGTD; 03-31-2006, 03:03 AM.

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    Nice of you to share your info. I am astounded at the idea of completing 100 to 200 next actions. Does this fit your experience? Anyone's out there? I presume one is not counting anything that is automatic (like brushing your teeth) unless it starts chain of new n/as?


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      After reading Getting Things Done, I felt very happy with GTD as an excellent system for capturing all those whirling partly formed open loops and nagging obligations. I love to have my weekly review finished, because I can look at my Filofax and say – it’s all here.

      But reading Ready for Anything is showing me the other side of the coin. It is making me look outwards and see and appreciate all of the liberated energy, and the great sense of possibility that comes from a freed up mind.

      Where Getting Things Done describes the system, Ready for Anything expands on all the benefits of the system. Where a new comer says, “Wow! Look at all the possibilities”, DA has twenty years experience as a tour guide there, and has anticipated and identified many aspects of the liberation.

      If you are in any doubt about reading the book, don’t hesitate, it really is a vital companion to Getting Things Done, (the Yin to its Yan?)



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        What I took away from RFA was that, "It's OK, moises, if this GTD stuff is difficult for you. It is difficult. It is normal to take two years to get fully up to speed. Don't worry if you haven't mastered it in two months."

        I found that reassuring. Not as an excuse to lower my standards but as motivation to keep working harder at it. It told me that I hadn't been a failure, that I was on the path to getting even better.

        My impression from GTD was that I really would be stress-free after a couple of months. I knew that the system was helping me a lot but I was not stress-free.