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Finding Time to Think

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  • Finding Time to Think

    In the newsletter that DA put out a month or two ago that describes what a various "belt" in GTD would look like, one of the characteristics of a person with a black belt is that they "no longer complain about not having time to think" (or something to that effect). Well, I complain about that A LOT. So I guess I have a ways to go to be really implementing this.

    The sense I had is that thinking time happens almost automatically for the black-belt type.

    Do any of you have things that have helped you to find time to think. I've been working on keeping writing tools near by so I can write down thoughts I want to remember as soon as they happen. Are there other ways to work in the thinking time?

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    Finding time to think

    Many of the doucments I draft are very complex and don't go well when I break them down into short segments. I need a concentrated period of time to totally immerse myself in the thought process of getting the plan down on paper or computer. I have to set aside two hour periods at a time. My secrretary says I am in an appointment. I am, with myself,in order to get the work done. I schedule that time into my week as an appointment at the time of my weekly review.

    I recentlydecided to implement some of the "Power of Full Engagement" stratagies of Jim Loehr and Tony Shwartz. I blocked off an entire day,(a holiday) and got a bunch of markers and a children's block of large drawing paper and at the end of the day had my values and vision ( I had developed most of that before), a list of my performance barriers and steps to overcome those barriers with dates of implementation. I have had that book for over a year and read it and listened to the tape and did nothing about it. Now my implementation structure is in my face every morning and I have a personal trainer (better physical shape was one of my implementations) and I am exercising a lot and eating better. I would not have done that if I hadn't isolated myself in a room for ten hours for some thinking. I also schedule a how am I doing as part of the weekly review, which I fight doing but desperately need.

    I also find going away to be helpful. Although when I go to a spa, I get so relaxed I think everything is possible when I get back.


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      thinking time-

      It won't do for everyone, but my commute varies from an hour to an hour and forty-five minutes each way. I get plenty of thinking done in the car! (I use the voice mail function on my cell phone to make note of any next actions generated by the thinking. Some people swear by voice recorders for the same job, but I wouldn't want to carry yet another gadget.)


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        I use to commute for and hour hour and a half every day, now my company moves, and Its only 15 minutes, for a lot of people is a bless, for me was something bad, because that was MY TIME, when I get home I got into all the things, chores, husband responsabilities, and all that.

        I am even thinking in join a gym to get that time again, because I miss it so much....


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          15 minutes by car?

          If you'll have 15 minutes to your comapany by car - I estimate that it is about 45-60 minutes using bicycle. If it is possible use bicycle - you will improve your health and still have the time for thinking.
          My home to work travel by car time is 15 minutes at 6 AM and 50 minutes at 8 AM. Travel by train time is always 50 minutes. So I often use train and spend time reading.