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  • Free!

    I processed my home in-box to empty. I hope to get back into the habit of
    doing this regularly.

    I was thinking of using the word "trustability" to encourage myself to keep up
    the systems. David Allen keeps talking about "trusted systems", and I'm good
    at the trusting part, but you need to keep up the other end!
    I think of "trustability" as meaning pretty much the same as "trustworthiness" but
    without the heavy moral connotations.

    However, I think the word "free" is better. I have some desks marked
    "FREE -- gets empty by end of day" and they've been doing very well.
    The word emphasises the enjoyment of using an empty desk to
    temporarily spread things out.

    That's from Martin Ternouth's system, which I started using a few months
    before GTD and still use some elements of; some elements of the systems are
    similar. His system is in two posts on this web page, especially the second post: (In most browsers you can use control-F to search; search for "Ternouth".)