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getting a handle on projects

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  • getting a handle on projects

    Just wanted some feedback as I try to get a better handle on my projects list as well as next actions for the projects.

    I made up my project list which has the titles of the projects on them.

    Then for each project, I have a separate sheet of paper which lists all the next actions of each corresponding project that I could think of. The pages of next actions are numbered as well as titled so I know what project it refers to.

    If project A has 4 next actions, two of which should be "office actions" and two of which should be "calls", what should I do to separate the 4 next actions into the proper contexts? Do I make up another sheet of paper (3rd time) called office actions and make a sheet called calls and write the 2 steps per context on those papers?

    I feel as though I'm overthinking this. Any thoughts?

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    I think you're on the right track!

    For the really basic setup, the only two lists you need are 1) your project list (which then is supplemented by any support material, kept separately) and 2) your context lists, which means one list for @Office, one for @Calls, etc.

    I'm not sure I understand whether your separate sheets of paper for each project are A) the support material for the projects, i.e. where you keep everything related to the project that you need to write down about it, or B) an attempt at creating Next Actions lists.

    Anyway, your next actions lists should not be grouped or sorted by project, but simply a list of all actions, regardless of project, sorted/grouped by context. So, for the next actions, just put everything that belongs to one context and put it all on the same sheet of paper. Of course, you can still keep the sheets you have already created as "Project support material" if you like, but if that feels like to much work, then it probably is and you can skip that step in the future.

    I hope that helps.


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      Thank you MThar1. The other sheets are for next actions.