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  • clustered GTD list

    Hello I am trying to create my task list via the GTD method but my tasks are clustered
    because my project and context are to generic.

    Can someone take a look at my list of tasks an give me some pointers?
    Example list.txt

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    I noticed a few things with your list.

    1) Your projects do not appear to describe an outcome. A project in GTD is an outcome that you are committed to and able to reach within maximum a year. Some things in your project column look more like maintenance, and even more importantly, many of the things in the project column are not worded clearly as things you want to see true. Try putting things like "Organize email" as the project instead of just "automation".

    2) Your context seem to specific to me. A good rule of thumb is to have as few contexts as possible, but not less. Try limiting yourself to only a handful of contexts, maybe 3-5. For instance, if you already have Online as a context, do you really also need Rabobank as a separate context. And if you already have PC as a context, do you really also need FireWorks as a separate context.

    3) Your next actions do not seem like next actions to me. "How to debug WP" is not an action but a question, "Steven Covey" is not an action but a name of a book. Prices research also seems not like a next action, but more like a project in itself. Think "very next, physical, visible action" (i.e. what would I see you do if you where to do this thing right now).

    4) Not everything on the list has a context. Sorry, they have to.

    5) Does "group" mean anything to you? If so, then keep it. To me this looks similar but not identical to the GTD 20,000 ft Areas of Focus and Responsibility.

    6) Quite a few things on the list are well phrased and thought out, so I can see that you do know how to put it. What I think you need is to be consistent in being very explicit about what wording you put down for every single step.

    7) You seem like you could get much out of reading the book (again).


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      What do you mean by clustered?

      You need to have separate lists for each context, but assuming you have done that in your software and the attachment is a software export, then I would say your contexts are fine, they are specific enough.

      Project names - I keep mine simple too, as long as you have a file somewhere with the natural planning model that explains what the outcomes etc are then your project names are ok. The NPM becomes part of the project support, and should list all the outcomes and any brainstormed future actions.

      Task names - yes some don't appear to be next actions, and might be improved with being more specific and including verbs. Test out your lists - wait until you are really tired (maybe just before bed) and review your lists. If you can still understand what all the tasks mean when you are half asleep then they're ok, if not you should add more detail.


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        Originally posted by mthar1 View Post
        7) You seem like you could get much out of reading the book (again).
        I flowed up the advise most context labels are fine but I am not sure about the labels

        product research


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          Originally posted by Milagro View Post
          I flowed up the advise most context labels are fine but I am not sure about the labels

          product research
          I'm sorry, I didn't get that...


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            One action per project

            Milagro... thank you for posting your list. Having a real-world example is wonderful.

            One thing I had to learn was to only put the next action on my tasks list - that meant one action per project only. It trims my lists down considerably. To capure all of the associated actions, though, I use a mind map on a separate sheet of paper which I refer to as the project moves along.

            On your list, Start Business is really your Area of Focus with projects of Market Research, Design Website, Design Logo etc. Think about a single action for each of those projects to move that project forward, and see how that works.

            Are any of these projects really on your Waiting For list? Can you design your business cards, for example, without having a logo?

            Keep us posted, please! And thanks for sharing!



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              After a little tinkering I must say that my projects are fine but I need to put more thoughts in my context labels. But that will come with the practice.

              best regards,