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How to control the situation?

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  • How to control the situation?

    I'm an owner of company and want to structure business process. I just prepared and sent an email to my team:

    I decided to start business process workout. Suggest to go in a few stages:

    1. Prepare a list of business process of a dept (resp. dept. manager, 17/02/2012)

    2. Connect the process: add needed, delete useless (reps. GM, 24/02/2012)

    3. Describe shortly each process using enclosed form (resp. dept. manager, 8/03/2012)

    4. Connect business process (GM, 23/03/2012)

    5. Prepare control documents (esp. dept. manager, 6/04/2012):

    Now I need to control that and keep that total process somewhere to remind me if I want to add something to it. Should I put a next action @WF st of business process of a dept (resp. dept. manager, 17/02/2012) and put into my Project List Develop Business Plan item. I'd love to keep my project plan in a Word file but afraid of a mess when a project list would live it's own life when my Word file with plans it's...

    What's wrong here?

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    Did you start off with a project team meeting to kick off the project and plan it together? Did you discuss and agree on purpose, principles etc as per the natural planning model?

    I don't understand why you are having a problem with Word, please explain more.