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Tips for Helping Others with GTD

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  • Tips for Helping Others with GTD

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a peer who reached out to me based on feedback from that person's direct supervisor. This person needs help with administrative tasks (and other things) falling through the cracks.

    I agreed to be his personal GTD trainer and started him off with the book and we have a set meeting time in two weeks to discuss progress.

    For all of you helping someone to get started where would you begin once this person has read the book. I have some ideas on what I would do but would like to hear what has been successful for those of you who have directly coached another person.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Jason,
    I would start off with the areas that are likely to make the biggest difference to your colleague. For me this was the 2-minute rule and getting to inbox zero.
    I also find that personal experiences can be really helpful in explaining how to use different parts of the system, so you could try to find some good examples of where GTD practices have helped you.
    Good luck and I hope that you both benefit from the experience.