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Weekly Review: Mind Maps ?

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  • Weekly Review: Mind Maps ?


    For the weekly review, is reviewing reference materials like Mind Maps part of that process ?

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    I don't know either!

    This is a great question which I am too new to answer. Please, if you have used Mind Maps, also speak to where do you put a mind map when you are done?


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      Yes, during the "Get Current" portion - if I use a mind map to manage a particular project, I will make sure that any next actions I did last week have been checked off and any actions that now need to be moved to my current next actions lists are moved.


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        I use mind maps primarily for my Areas of Focus. I keep these electronically and update them each month. I also keep the mindmaps from all the previous months in an archive. It can be really interesting to see where I was one year (or more) before...


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          If you need to. Sometimes a project goes into a kind of cruise mode where all you have is a string of Next Actions in a row that can only be done one by one, and the mindmap isn't needed.

          Other times though a project might suddenly go off on five directions at once, and the mindmap is vital to make sure you don't forget any of them.

          So you don't have to look at it every single week, but its probably an idea to have them to hand.