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GTD trick from NLP!

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  • GTD trick from NLP!

    I came across this trick in one of Richard Bandler's books and knew the GTD community could benefit from it:

    "One of our students has a couple of businesses and has to file a lot of papers and records. Whenever something has to be filed, he asks himself, "Where would I look for this when I need it," and starts moving toward the file cabinet. As he does this, an image of a particular file tab appears in his mind, and he files it there. This method uses what he has already remembered to organize his files, so he seldom has to remember anything new. Each time he files this item he strengthens the existing connection between it and the file tab, making the system more dependable each time."

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    Originally posted by danedormio View Post
    "Where would I look for this when I need it,"
    It probably took my 30 years to realize how well that works, but now I'd never find anything without that little mantra. I use it for everything around the house... but it makes it even more important to put things back once you've found them! Good reminder, danedormio!



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      Thanks for sharing

      I get posts via Google reader so I read every Thread started on this forum but I don't often post. I needed this reminder as I have let this slide lately and I realise that it is why I have been struggling so much. just wanted you to know that I value the time it took you (and all other posters) to start this thread.

      Allie x


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        I do that. Maybe I got it from having read a Bandler book years ago.