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Peer Coach - Who's going to kick my butt?

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  • Peer Coach - Who's going to kick my butt?

    Hey all,

    I love planning, but lately I've been finding that the planning isn't taking me as far as I want to go. I know what I want to achieve, but need some peer pressure to make it happen.

    I'm a pretty driven person, I have a high-level corporate job and a kid, and I like to really bring it. I'm looking for a buddy - someone who is equally obsessed with performance who wants a buddy too, to take it to the next level. I'm not looking for someone to help me "figure things out", I've got that part down, but rather someone who's got some sports coach assertiveness and who will kick my ass when if I don't do what I say I will. I'm plenty good to do the same for my buddy - I can follow your goals, call you, give praise for success, and kick your ass if you shirk your duties.

    Anyone up for this?

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    I'm game (and also lived in Vancouver).

    isadore DOT braun AT gmail DOT com


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      Butt-kicking? Count me in!


      I am loving this post thread.

      I have been looking for a GTD mastermind group for a while now. Perhaps this is the answer to my prayers.

      I would be happy to be part of the 'coach-like' approach you're looking for. As long as you will reciprocate and help me.

      You can reach me at michael @ That's the blog that I started a few weeks ago. That's one of my current projects. And I need a kick in the pants every so often to keep it a priority.

      Can we make this happen? I would be more than willing to do my part.

      Please reply. Thanks!


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        GTD Connect

        I'd suggest keep looking in the Public Forum, too - it's full of peer coaches. I won't presume to urge you to join GTD Connect - I've joined and unjoined a number of times due to financial and time constraints - but I will say that it is one big Mastermind group. The amount you get out of it is definitely directly proportional to what you put into it, but I'm really loving my current interaction with the GTD Connect community.

        And I'd be happy to get in on the butt-kicking...!