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Next Actions for a Project

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  • Next Actions for a Project

    I know GTD insists you have a Next Action Item for each of your Project. But...

    Do people list all of their actions for a project as they think of it? For example, Project X might consists of 5 action steps. If so, where do all of those action steps go?

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    I am not the better person to answer you, since I am a beginner and everyday I beleive I know less of GTD and more to learn...

    But In my case I just put the Next Action, many times I plan ahead but only put one, when that one is done then I add the next NA to the list.

    The reason is that I do not like to find NA that I cannot do, becasue I need to do something before.

    Therefore in my list is only one NA per Project, no matter that sometime I try to plan ahead.

    good luck


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      I always list any action I can think of, even if it's not a next action.

      I list it as part of the reference material for the project.

      This helps me to keep my head empty, and avoid thinking twice about things, etc.

      I see no contradiction between listing any action you can think of, the moment you think of, and making sure you'll have (at least) one next action for every project.



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        NA's should be actionable

        Your NA lists should only contain NA that you can actually do now. If you have a list of actions with precedence associated with a project, that list should be attached to you project reference materials - either PM software, file folder or just the notes section of your @Projects list. You can have several NAs for a project listed in your action lists at the same time, as long as they can be acted upon now.


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          I try to add what I call "future" next actions to my project support materials as I think of them. This usually means I add it to the note section of the project memo on my Palm. If I'm in a rush I jot it on a note and throw it in my inbox for later processing. I also think about future next actions during my weekly review, but if I don't record them as I think of them, a good idea might not come back to me later.