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The art of stress-free productivity is no different from any other art

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    Good thing

    Wasn't really thinking if this was going to be a good or a bad thing -- more of an "is" thing, I think.

    Been a while since I took a close look at this thread, but I think I was having an aversion to the word "automatic" because it alludes to a computer-like technology-based replacement for some human thinking and interaction with GTD.

    The more I really work the system - ie ask questions to gain clarity, the smoother things flow inside the arrow. The more I start trusting the system, I end up trusting myself to have an external system. After a while, things appear to be automatic, or as DA says "on cruise control".

    As an aside, grabbed my copy of MIAW and re-read chapter 6 on Clarifying. This addressed all the things that I've been attempting to discover within this thread. Of course, DA puts things way more succinctly....

    Life is good.

    Originally posted by curtis View Post
    As long as my human-ness has to answer the question "What is it?", then the experience of GTD being "automatic" will be restrained by any drag or resistance within the arrow.

    Is that a good thing?