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Have no energy working my lists

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  • Have no energy working my lists

    I have meetings running. When I have time between them I use it to have some rest. I'm so tired by the end of the day so I don't have energy to work actions off my action lists. Help me!!!

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    Do you really have to attend all these meetings?

    Do you really have to attend all these meetings?


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      Not really. I can skip a few.


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        I was going to give you a big long list of suggestions, but it sounds as if you've found your answer! Now, if you can make the meetings as short and efficient as this thread has been ...


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          I'd also ask yourself why you are so tired you need a rest between meetings. If you are fit and well you shouldn't need a physical rest, though you may want to give your brain a break for 5-10 minutes.

          You don't give away personal information on here but here are a few questions to get you thinking
          - do you have a recognised medical problem causing tiredness?
          - do you get tired at weekends between activities, when it's not a work thing?
          - do you need to see a doctor about your tiredness?
          - are you getting enough sleep?



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            Eat better foods and get fitter, and you'll soon have the energy.

            Or do you really mean, motivation?