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Post-server crash hello and introduction

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  • Post-server crash hello and introduction

    Hello again everyone.. it would appear my first post/introduction was vaporized with the recent server catastrophe.

    My name is Dave Bockman, I'm a Landscape Architect, currently pursuing my MLA while also holding down two full-time careers. In my 'spare' time I also freelance write on a myriad of topics.

    Before implementing the GTD method, it would be an understatement to say I was paralyzed with indecision when contemplating my own personal amorphous blob of Stuff I Had To Do. No matter what I chose to do, if I began doing it, a gnawing suspicion that I was letting something else, some small but critical item on my agenda, slide into the Dire Emergency/Must Get Done NOW/BWOOP BWOOP BWOOP! category (that's one category you don't see on your Palm Priority List I bet!) would slowly worm its way into my frontal lobe, until I HAD to stop what I was doing and furiously search my mental RAM for what the heck I was screwing up by not doing at that moment. Not a pleasant way to live.

    While trying not to appear too melodramatic, I will say with all sincerity that David Allen and Co. have radically changed my life for the better. I have fully implemented the GTD Method save for the complete assembly of all reference material-- however I'm certain that there are no next action commitments in those stacks o' stuff. I will have it ALL processed by Monday.

    Everyone in my personal and professional life with whom I've had contact since implementing GTD has commented on my improved cheer, my new-found ability to get right back to them with whatever it is they need of me, and my overall improved demeanor. Best of all, I FEEL so much better now. Now, when I sit down to do an enjoyable task (such as pruning my bonsai trees) I actually enjoy it as I should rather than fret that I should be addressing some other more pressing matter. There has been a concomitant rise in the quality of the work as well, imho.

    If anyone is wondering, I use a Palm Pilot Vx-- set up as David suggests-- to capture most of my incoming information. I have a vehicle inbox (I am out in the field quite a bit, meeting potential clients, clients, subcontractors, inspectors, etc.) in which I stash everything (receipts, business cards, checks, etc). I then bring it all back to the office and process it there, thus far about twice a week.

    Cheers everyone!