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    Looking for a coach to aid in setting up & implementing GTD in business/home office. Asside from GTD professional coaching options, are there any individuals/groups that can aid in this process ON SITE (Los Angeles Area)?

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    Why aside from GTD professional coaching? Cost?

    Because we have 3 coaches that live in Los Angeles.


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      GTD Coach

      Correct. I can not afford the professional services at $10,000 for 3 days nor the hourly phone cost when I'm at the original "set-up" stage!
      Do you have any recommediations? I really need a connection here....


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        I'd actually recommend getting the Implementation Guide to walk yourself through getting setup, step-by-step. Carve out a full day to get setup, if you can.


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          Hiring a coach, GTD or otherwise, often does cost a fair amount of money.

          Based on being new and setting everything up, unless you have lots of money, I would suggest its too early to hire a coach. Instead, read the forum, post, look at old webinars and begin setting up a system. Realize, unless you are very lucky and intuitive you will need to tweak your system as time goes on...and that's ok. Think of it as a long-term process.

          I've found great value by sharing and listening to others. I hope it works for you too.


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            Originally posted by MarkDillon View Post
            read the forum, post, look at old webinars and begin setting up a system.
            Hi, Unbridled!

            That's such a great name... especially if what you're really shooting for is to bridle all your stuff.

            MarkDillon's got it right on the money. I'll just add that you can post any question on setting up your system and you'll get a fast response... or maybe a dozen responses! And don't hesitate to keep asking until things start to make sense.

            When I was first starting out, I listened to the webinars like an addict! I'd listen to a few a week then go off and try to apply them, then come back and listen to them again. Invariably I would find more depth than I did the first time.

            And if you really want some in-person feedback, check for local meet ups. There was a group that met in L.A., but I've never gone to one of their events.

            Enjoy the process, Unbridled... because it's all process!



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              One Step at a Time

              I agree with Kelly, too - the Implementation Guide is great - especially if you're the kind of person that likes to have a step-by-step roadmap to follow. I found it really useful even after many years of doing GTD when I felt that my practice had gotten into a rut.


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                I agree with the above suggestions

                In addition, I'd highly recommend joining GTD Connect if you can afford it. Read the book. Read the book again. Live with GTD for a while and tweak things as you go. The forums and webinars and other information at this site is incredibly valuable.

                Then, once you've got into a bit of a groove, if you can save up for it, try telecoaching. I was unsure if the cost would be worth it but it absolutely was! The coaches here are great and having a live chat with someone even for a few hours can really focus your thinking. It was a gift to myself that I have never regretted.


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                  And if you haven't been to a seminar, I'd highly recommend the GTD Live CD's. They really bring it to life.